Autosomal DNA Testing

What’s likely up for 2019?

Tests are often on sale now.  Testing now will get you results in early 2018.  Any recommended test is just our opinion and we are not connected to any company.  If you want to find out about tests and when they are on sale, search the web; I prefer to search with Google as that is what I have been using for a long time.

Of note is those at Family Tree.  The biggest saving, proportionally is on the autosomal tests that are now $59.  The sale might end any time soon.  I have encouraged my kin to buy now and they have responded with purchase of 17 kits.  Results that are general and interesting will follow here.

There is an exhortation to have more male Stiles to take the Y-DNA37 test to find connections to others and to joined those isolated pedigrees to more massive ones.  These kits are also on sale

We would like to add that The Stiles Family of America is really becoming a 21st century organization with new programs, ways to communicate and interested in thoughts of what would be helpful and useful to people interested in genealogy and family history.  Why not join and not only find out what is going on but to be involved in carrying on some of the tasks and help in determining what should be done.  Do Join the The Stiles Family of America,


We have a paper that explores that issue.  Conventional  genealogy is concerned with the available information on paper.  After all that was all our ancestors had.  Of course there is information on gravestones as well.  Strong cases can be made involving births, weddings, deaths, wills, and so on. But perhaps the paper that mentions an adoption or other non-paternal event is missing.

Genetic testing, and particularly the Y-DNA37 test has allowed a resolution of the male bloodlines of many of the Stiles ancestors.  Family lines have been established by earlier genealogical research.  While many family lines trace back to a common ancestor it was evident that one needed genetic analysis to determine the bloodline.    Conflicting genealogical and genetic testing results can be resolved in many but not all cases.  We need more people to test to find out who their bloodline  connect them to.  Please consider the Y-DNA37 test for a male Stiles in your line!  Go back to the home page and click on membership and away you go, and welcome in advance!

We live in an age where we think of blended families as being new.  Yet, in early colonial times a widower with children and a widow also with children within a few miles would join and the children would all end up with the same last name even though they had different fathers, different bloodlines.  With royalty, bloodlines were such that one had legitimacy for the throne if the bloodline were proven.  It is said that when the king of the Ashanti died, the next king from, among his sons, was chosen by the queen because only she knew who the father was.

Family ties are strong, ask any adoptee.   It is who they are now.   Yet many adoptees wish to know who their birth parents are, their bloodlines, or where they come from.  In this paper we concentrate on male bloodlines as determined by Y-DNA37 testing.

When genealogical trails for two current individuals lead back to a single person but the two genetic results indicate that this can not be, it recognized that the family lines may be correct or that there is an error(s) in one or both of the genealogical trails.  But just as likely is that there was a non-paternal event, an adoption with a name change, a child raise by a Stiles family and was known as a Stiles from that time on, etc.

Some mysteries in the Stiles Surname project have been resolved and will be presented later.   Do you have questions related to this issue?  If so let us know.

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Not only are there many companies offering many different kinds of tests, Y-DNA, mtDNA, BIG Y, on and on, but now there are different interpretations.  Autosomal testings look at commonalities in DNA segments  that could have been inherited from males or females.   Hence one could potential look for relatives  back to fifth cousins that have some common ancestor in the past.  It now appears that a lot of the potential links about the thousands send back to the person tested are not so related as there were a lot of false positives.  If you were tested and gave up chasing the thousands, be encouraged to look among the much reduced matches that may lead you to someone who knows a lot about your relatives that you don\’t.  Nothing new has come up yet.  We will keep looking?